Pre Construction Phase

Site Consultation – We will meet with clients on site before the start of design development to review the existing conditions and determine the optimal location and orientation of the project.  We discuss important factors such as desired sun exposure, optimizing layouts based on site location and topography.  We will also guide you through complex things such as the zoning regulations regarding buildable area and setbacks for your site.

Schematic Design – Our design team meets with the clients to discuss their desired home style, any potential layout ideas that the client has considered, size considerations, the target budget and a multitude of other factors to come up with initial layout options.

Design Development – Based on the initial layouts from the schematic design phase our experienced design team works collaboratively with clients to develop a detailed design utilizing ongoing client input while helping  to adhere to the target project budget as we proceed through the design process.

Materials Selection – As a part of the design development phase we meet with clients in our in-house showroom to review and discuss final selections for materials and finishes such as siding, roofing, windows, doors, trim, hardware, etc.  We give clients insight into the performance, aesthetics, upfront and life cycle costs of the various options.

Cost Estimating – Using the plans from the design development phase and the detailed specifications created during our materials selection process we work with our trade partners and suppliers to accurately estimate the total project cost.

Home Energy Consultations – We partner with an independent consulting firm that specializes in home energy modeling, home optimization, energy efficiency, and building science consultations.  If clients choose to utilize this service during the design phase we will work with the consulting firm and our trade partners to optimize the insulation, air sealing, HVAC, and electrical systems to ensure clients receive the most cost effective energy efficient high performing homes.

Interior and Exterior Design Services – We utilize our in-house showroom to select final materials and colors for windows, roofing, siding, millwork, hardware, etc.  Our team will also accompany you to our trade partners showrooms to assist with critical decisions regarding everything from cabinetry finishes and layouts, to plumbing fixtures, countertops, light fixtures, and flooring.

Construction Execution Phase

We believe that the difference between a nice house and a spectacular house is all down to the quality of construction and attention to detail.  During construction your home will have a Project Coordinator who is on site on a daily basis, they manage our in-house framing and finishing carpentry crews as well as all of our subcontractors and suppliers.  The Project Coordinator will meet with clients onsite at critical stages in the build process to perform walkthroughs and on site reviews.  They provide the interface between the client and our carpenters and trade partners, this allows us to manage all of the small details from the placement of light switches to towel bars and everything in between.

  • Framing Carpentry Stage – Your home will be assigned a Lead Carpenter and a crew  of Carpenters who will be onsite on a daily basis throughout the framing process. We self-perform all of our framing carpentry work which allows us to maintain our high level of quality control.  Our Carpenters interface directly with the Project Coordinator on a daily basis and they understand that getting the framing “right” is the first step in a high quality, high performance home.
  • Rough In and Trade Work Stage – We work with the same group of experienced trade partners on all of our projects and our Project Coordinators interface directly with their site supervisors on a daily basis. This allows us to ensure that our stringent quality control is maintained not only by our internal crews but also by our trade partners.
  • Finish Carpentry Stage – Similar to our Framing Carpentry Process, your home will be assigned a Lead Finish Carpenter and a crew who will be onsite on a daily basis.  We self-perform all of our finish carpentry work enabling us to maintain our high level of quality in all of the finish work.
  • Punchlist and Close-out Stage – We perform walkthroughs with our trade partners and generate an internal punchlist. Once that internal punchlist is completed we perform a thorough final cleaning. After cleaning, we will perform a walkthrough with the homeowner to catch any final details and touchups that are needed to ensure the home is perfect. After these items are complete we take care of occupancy permitting and close-out the project with final payment and you are able to move into your new home.
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